Importants Computer Terminology Abbreviations For Banks Exams

OLE- Object Linking and Embedding
OLAP- Online Analytical Processing
OLTP– Online Transaction Processing
OMR- Optical Mark Reader
OOP- Object-Oriented Programming
OPML- Outline Processor Markup Language
OMAP- Open Multimedia Application Platform
OOP- Object Oriented Programming
OSS- Open Source Software, Operational Support System
PCM- Pulse-Code Modulation
PCI- Peripheral Component Interconnect
PDA- Personal Digital Assistant
PDP- Programmed Data Processor
PDF- Portable Document Format
POS- Point of Sale
POST- Power-On Self-Test
PNG- Portable Network Graphics
PPP- Point-to-Point Protocol
PIN– Personal Identification Number
PROM- Programmable Read Only Memory
RAM- Random Access Memory
RAS- Remote Access Memory
RDBMS- Relational Data Base Management System
TRIP- Tear Routing Information Protocol
ROM- Read Only Memory
RTOS- Real-Time Operating System
RTSP- The Real Time Streaming Protocol
SAN– Storage Area Network
SDRAM – Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SIMM- Single In-line Memory Module
SIM- Subscriber Identification Module
SGML– Standard Generalized Markup Language
SMTP- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SQL- Structured Query Language
TCP/IP- Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TDMA- Time Division Multiple Access
TTS- Text-to-Speech
TPS- Transaction Processing System
TPF- Transaction Processing Facility
UAC- User Account Control
UDMA- Ultra Direct Memory Access
UML- Unified Modeling Language
ULSI- Ultra Large Scale Integration
UPS- Uninterrupted Power Supply
URI- Uniform Resource Identifier
URL- Uniform Resource Locator
URN- Uniform Resource Name
USB- Universal Serial Bus
UUID- Universally Unique Identifier
UUN- Universal User Name
VDU- Visual Display Unit
VDSL- Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line or Very-high-piece rate advanced endorser line
VRML- Virtual Reality Modeling Language
VOIP- Voice Over Internet Protocol
VGA- Video Graphics Array
VLSI- Very Large Scale Integration
VRAM- Volatile Random Access Memory
VSAT- Virtual Small Aperture Terminal
WAN- Wide Area Network
WAP- Wireless Access Point, Wireless Application Protocol
Wi-Fi- Wireless Fidelity
WLAN- Wireless Local Area Network
WPA- Wi-Fi Protected Access
WPAN-rk Wireless Personal Area Netwo
WSDL- Web Services Description dialect
WWN- World Wide Network
WWW- World Wide Web
XHTML- eXtensible Hyper Text Markup Language
XML- eXtensible Markup dialect
XNX- Xerox Network Services
ZISC- Zero Instruction Set Computer