Basic General Knowledge and Questions and Answers – Set 10

Here you can preparation for Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers of – Set 10

Basic GK Set 10: We are creating here Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers Section 10, here is set of total 10 basic gk questions with Answers that is most important for various competitive examination.

Q1. What is the minimum years of age for candidate for office of the Vice-President?
A. 25
B. 30
C. 35
D. 28

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Answer: – C – 35 years As per article 66, the candidate contesting for election of Vice-President of India should fulfil the below conditions: He must be a citizen of India He must have completed age of 35 years He cannot hold an office for profit. He must be qualified to become a member of Rajya Sabha.

Q2. Which of the following parts of constitution explicitly mentions that India is a secular state?
A. Preamble
B. Fundamental Rights
C. Directive Principles of state policy
D. The Union

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Answer: – A – Preamble Preamble of Indian Constitution declares India as SOVEREIGN, SOCIALIST, SECULAR and DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC. The words Socialist, Secular, and Integrity were not in the original constitution and have been inserted by 42nd amendment act 1976.

Q3. Country that has the highest in Barley Production?
A. China
B. India
C. Russia
D. France

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Answer: – C

Q4. The first chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission was ?
A. Dr.C.V.Raman
B. Dr.H.J.Bhabha
C. Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
D. Dr.Vickram Sarabhai

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Answer: – B

Q5. The gas used for making vegetables is ?
A. Oxygen
B. Carbon dioxide
C. Hydrogen
D. Nitrogen

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Answer: – C

Q6. The oldest literary work available in Tamil was ?
A. Silappadikaram
B. Tholkappiyam
C. Thirukkural
D. Manimegalai

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Answer: – B

Q7. In which year India Joined the United Nations?
A. 1954
B. 1955
C. 1956
D. 1957

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Answer: – B.

Q8. Which country leads in the production of rubber?
A. Australia
B. India
C. Malaysia
D. Myanmar

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Answer: -C.

Q9. Ajanta Caves are located in the State of
A. Maharashtra
B. Gujarat
C. Tamil Nadu
D. West Bengal

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Answer: – A.

Q10. The first Asian Games were held at
A. New Delhi in 1950
B. Bangkok in 1952
C. Singapore in 1952
D. Kuala Lumpur in 1952

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Answer: – A.
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