Biology General Knowledge Questions and Answers – Set 1

Q1. Reaction centre of Photo system-I in green plants is:
A. P680
B. P690
C. P700
D. P780

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Answer: (C) P700 – In PS-I the light reaction centre is P700. Pigments absorb longer (>680nm) wavelengths of light.

Q2. The conversion of Pyruvate into Acetyl Co-A is called:
A. Glycolysis
B. Fermentation
C. Oxidative decarboxylation
D. β-Oxidation

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Answer: (C) Oxidative decarboxylation – Pyruvic acid + Co-A + NAD+ —> Acetyl Co-A + NADH + H+ + CO2 This reaction is called the oxidative decarboxylation of pyruvic acid to acetyl Co-A. This reaction is the link between glycolysis and the citric acid cycle.

Q3. Process of water exudation through hydathodes is known as:
A. Guttation
B. Transpiration
C. Evaporation
D. Bleeding

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Answer: (A) Guttation – In the process ofguttation positive xylem pressure (due to root pressure) causes liquid to exude
from the pores, Hydathodes.

Q4. In hyponasty, the bud will remain
A. Open
B. Close
C. Semi-Open
D. Wilt

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Answer: (B) Close – It is a nastic movement involvinginwardandupward bendingof a plant part.

Q5. Miller synthesized amino acids from
A. CH4 , NH3 ,H2O, H2
B. N2O, CH4 , H2 , O2
C. H2 , O2 , SO2 , N2O
D. CH4 , O2 , NH3 , H2O

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Answer: (A) CH4 ,NH3 ,H2O, H2 – Miller in his classical experiment used these gases to produce amino acid mimicking the earlier environment and tested the chemical origin of life.

Q6. Darwin’s theory does not include
A. Survival of fittest
B. Struggle for existence
C. Natural selection
D. Evolution through inheritance

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Answer: (D) Evolution through inheritance – Evolution through inheritance was not included in Darwin’s theory he only explained about Survival of fittest, Struggle for existence & Natural selection.

Q7. The unit of evolution is
A. Population
B. Species
C. Social groups
D. Individual

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Answer: (A) Population – Population is the unit of evolution. The genotype of the individual is fixed at birth and population is the smallest unit where evolutionary change is possible.

Q8. Which of the following forms a connecting link between Annelida and Arthopoda?
A. Peripatus
B. Chetopterus
C. Limulus
D. Boneli

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Answer: (A) Peripatus – Peripatus has both annelidian(segmented body,nephridia)and arthopodian (antennae,mandibles,
claws etc.)characters and hence is the connecting link between the two.

Q9. Which blood Group is universal donor
A. O+
B. O−
C. AB+
D. AB−

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Answer: (B) O− :- O- as it does not contain antigen A, B and Rh