Biology General Knowledge Questions and Answers – Set 5

Q1. Which tissue gives rise to secondary growth?
A. Apical meristem
B. Adventitious root
C. Axillary bud
D. Vascular cambium

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Answer: (D) Vascular cambium – Secondary growth is due to the two types of lateral meristems i.e. vascular cambium & cork

Q2. Azotobacter and Beijerinckia are the examples of:
A. Symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria
B. Asymbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria
C. Photosynthetic bacteria
D. Disease causing bacteria

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Answer: (B) Asymbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria – Both are free living aerobic bacteria those can fix atmospheric nitrogen.

Q3. Blue-green alga that causes red waterblooms is:
A. Anabaena
B. Gloeocapsa
C. Trichodesmium
D. Nostoc

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Answer: (C) Trichodesmium – Red water-bloom of Trichodesmium is due to their primary light harvesting pigment, phycoerythrin.

Q4. Edible fungus is:
A. Penicillium
B. Agaricus
C. Aspergillus
D. Pythium

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Answer: (B) Agaricus – Agaricus is an edible mushroom.

Q5. Vegetative reproduction in Marchantia occurs through following:
A. Apospory
B. Gemma Cup
C. Budding
D. Hormogonia

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Answer: (B) Gemma Cup – Gemma cups are small receptacles located on the thalli and contain specialized structures called gemmae which are green multi-cellular buds.

Q6. Gametophyte of Pteridophyte is called:
A. Prothallus
B. Protocorm
C. Thallus
D. Gametangia

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Answer: (A) Prothallus – The gametophyte is the haploid stage of the pteridophyte life-cycle. It develops from the spore produced on the sporophyte. This spore germinates and develops into a body called the prothallus.

Q. Largest sperms in the plant world are found in:
A. Banyan
B. Cycas
C. Thuja
D. Pinus

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Answer: (B) Cycas –

Q7. Which is the correct sequence of the path of water current flowing through leucosolenia
A. Spongocoel–>uosculum->ostium
B. Ostium->spongocoel->Osculum
C. Osculum->spongocoel->ostium
D. Osculum->ostium->spongocoel

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Answer: (B) Ostium–>spongocoel–>Osculum

Q8. Which if the following animal causes filariasis disease in man?
A. Truchiuris trichiris
B. Enterobius vermicularis
C. Dracunculus mediensis
D. Wucheria bancrofti

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Answer: (D) Wucheria bancrofti – Wucheria bancrofti causes filariasis.

Q9. Which of the following is a correct match?
A. Pila – Pelecypoda
B. Spider – Arachnida
C. Cockroach – Crustacea
D. Leech – Polychaeta

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Answer: (B) Spider – Arachnida – Spiders having eight legs belong to Arachnida class of Arthopoda , Pila belongs to Gastropoda, Cockroach belongs to insect, Leech to Hirudineria.