SET 2 – Biology General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Q1. Palmau (Betla) National Park is situated in: A. Orissa B. West Bengal C. Jharkhand D. Bihar Q2. Hemichordates have close affinities with which of the following phylum: A. Annelida B. Arthopoda C. Echinodermata D. Mollusca Q3. Dicondylic skull is the characteristic feature of A. Amphibia and Mammalia B. Aves and Mammalia C. Amphibia and […]

SET 5 – Biology General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Q1. Which tissue gives rise to secondary growth? A. Apical meristem B. Adventitious root C. Axillary bud D. Vascular cambium Q2. Azotobacter and Beijerinckia are the examples of: A. Symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria B. Asymbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria C. Photosynthetic bacteria D. Disease causing bacteria Q3. Blue-green alga that causes red waterblooms is: A. Anabaena B. Gloeocapsa […]