International Women’s Day : Definition, History & Celebrations

International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March every year to recognize women’s socio-economic, cultural, and political achievements. This day draws attention to violence & abuse, reproductive rights, and gender inequality against women. What is the History of International Women’s Day? New York City holds the earliest origin of National Women’s Day on 28th February […]

World Day of Social Justice : Definition, History & Significance

United Nations recognized the importance of Social Justice in order to tackle the issues of poverty, gender inequality, unemployment, human rights and social protections. It is designated 20th February every year to celebrate World Day of Social Justice. What is Social Justice? Social Justice can be easily understood as fair and compassionate distribution of the […]

International Day of Forests : Definition, History & Significance

Every year the world loses around 13 million hectares of forest land because of various reasons. It’s widespread negative effects have been seen over the years such as global warming. United Nation decided to celebrate the International Day of Forests on 21st March every year to raise awareness for conservation of all types of forest. […]

International Day of Action for Rivers: Definition, History & Impact

Brazil holds the history of celebrating the first International Day of Action against Dams and for rivers, water, and life. On March 14, 1997, in Curitiba, Brazil representatives from 20 countries met to raise voice against destructive water development projects. What is the History of International Day of Action for Rivers? The history goes back […]

French Language Day : Definition, History & Importance

The United Nations has chosen 20th March every year as the International French Language Day. The UN’s Department of Public Information in 2010 celebrated multilingualism and cultural diversity. What is the History of International French Language Day? 20th March was selected as the International French Language Day because it coincides with the 40th Anniversary of […]

International Day of Happiness : Definition, History & Importance

International Day of Happiness aims to make people all around the globe realize the importance of happiness in their lives. It is celebrated on 20th March every year to make people’s lives happier. What is the history of the International Day of Happiness? The day resulted from hard work put in by World Happiness Foundation’s […]

World Consumer Rights Day : Definition, History & Essential Issues

The consumer movement is focused on raising awareness across the globe about consumer rights and needs. World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated every year on 15 March to protect consumers’ rights and protest against market abuses & social injustices that suppress those rights. What is the History of the World Consumer Rights Day? The History […]

World Poetry Day : Definition, History & Significance

World Poetry Day is celebrated on 21st March every year to take care of linguistic diversity through poetic expression and safeguard the endangered languages. In the year 1999, UNESCO declared to celebrate this day to promote the reading, publishing, writing, and teaching of poetry all over the world. What is the History of World Poetry […]