Citizenship in India

Gksection team published here Gk Quiz about Citizenship in India. This Citizenship of India MCQ subjective Questions and answers will ask on upcoming competitive exams. Q. What kind of Constitution of India has granted citizenship? Answer: single citizenship Q. When any person is called a citizen of India by birth? Answer: when someone is born […]

List of Famous Monuments and Places and Builders

We are published here Complete list of india and world Top 10+ Famous Monuments, Places and Builders in English. These Famous Monuments, Places you should visit in one times. Complete List of Famous Monuments, Places and Builders S. No Monuments and their Places, Builders 1 Nalanda University located in Rajgir, Nalanda (Bihar) which was constructed […]

Components of Computer

Computer Q. What is Computer? Answer: A computer is an electronic machine which stores, read and processes data to produce meaningful information as output. Components of Computer Q. What is Input Unit? Answer: This Devices used to given instructions, like, keyboard, mouse, joystick, optical character reader, CDs Bar code reader, Touch screen, Light pen, Scanner, […]


World over, many Spywares are being used to gather information about people or companies and send it to another company to harm the original user. Pegasus is one of the most recent spyware which is used for hacking and is developed, marketed and licensed to Governments around the world by Israeli company NSO Group. Let […]

First Male in the world

First Asian to head the international cricket council – Jagmohan Dalmia first man to climb mount everest – Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and sir edmund Hillary (29 may, 1953) first man to go into space – Major Yuri Gagarin (USSR) (1961) first man to walk into space – Alexei Leonov (Russia) first person to give information […]

International Years

2009 – International year of Astronomy 2010 – International year of Biodiversity 2011 – International year of Forest 2012 – International year of Cooperatives 2013 – International year of Water Cooperation 2014 – International year of Family Farming 2015 – International year of Light and Light based Technologies 2016 – International year of Pulses 2017 […]


Olympics games were started in 776 BC on Mount Olympia in the honour of Greek God, ‘Zeus’. The modern Olympic Games were started in Athens, the capital of Greece on 6th April, 1896 with great efforts made by French nobleman, Baron Pierre de Coubertin. The Olympic Games are organized after every 4 years. The Olympics […]