Chemistry Questions and Answers Section 2

1. Noble’s oil is:
A. Fire extinguisher
B. Insecticide
C. Explosive
D. Detergent

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Answer: Explosive

2. What is ∆E for a system that does 500 cal of work on the surroundings when 300 cal of heat are absorbed by the system?
A. –200 cal
B. +200 cal
C. +700 cal
D. –700 cal

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Answer: –200 cal

3. Which of the following metals is commonly used in photoelectric cells:
A. Na
B. Li
C. Cs
D. Mg

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Answer: Cs

4. Cesium oxide is expected to be:
A. Acidic
B. Weakly basic
C. Amphoteric
D. Very strongly basic

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Answer: Very strongly basic

5. Correct order of allotropism is:
A. Si > C > Sn
B. N > P > As
C. C > Si > Ge
D. None of these

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Answer: C > Si > Ge

6. Which is not correct statement about aniline?
A. Aniline gives litmus test
B. It can be steam distillated
C. It is primary amine
D. It is more basic than acetanilide

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Answer: Aniline gives litmus test

7. Chromium is obtained by reducing purified chromite ore with:
A. Red Hot Coke
B. Gaseous hydrogen
C. Aluminum Powder
D. Carbon Monoxide

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Answer: Aluminum Powder

8. Ethanol containing some methanol is called:
A. Absolute spirit
B. Rectified spirit
C. Methylated spirit
D. Power alcohol

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Answer: Methylated spirit

9. The entropy of a spontaneous reaction is always:
A. Negative
B. Positive
C. Zero
D. Either positive or negative

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Answer: Either positive or negative

10. Which of the following process used in coagulation of Lyophilic sol:
A. Electro phorasis
B. Addition of other solvent
C. Addition of opposite charge partical
D. None of these

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Answer: Addition of other solvent
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