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Courses for Computer Science – We are providing here best university and Institutes to join courses for Computer Science. With the help of you will also know best courses for Computer Science for your better career and scope.

CS50’s Introduction to computer science (Harvard University)

This is one of the best computer science courses which is offered by Harvard University on edX. This course was launched in 2012, it is an online computer science course. It is well-known for its excellent product quality and yearly curriculum updates.

It gives a concise but thorough overview of computer science. This course is appropriate for the candidates who already have some programming knowledge. CS50 is one of the largest and most active course communities in the world of the internet.

David J. Malan, a professor at Harvard teaches this course. Rarely has an instructor played such an important role in the success of a course.

Through this course, the candidates will be able to learn that algorithms are instructions which are to be followed in a step-by-step manner to solve a problem.

The course lasts ten weeks, plus an optional final project that could take an extra week. The course is recorded on-campus at Harvard every year before being made available online the following Spring.

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Computational thinking for problem-solving (University of Pennsylvania)

This course is concerned with the skills underlying computational thinking. The process of grouping problems into parts is known as computational thinking and then finding a solution method with the help of a computer.

This course focuses on topics like algorithms, computational thinking, Python, and computer architecture. The course lasts four weeks, with approximately 18 hours of course material delivered each week.
You’ll primarily learn through video lectures, with a short quiz following each video to test your recall. Each week, you’ll be given a case study in which you’ll see examples of computational thinking being used to solve real-world problems. Following that, you will complete a project in which you will apply what you have learned.

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Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

This course is offered by MIT on edX which takes a Python-based approach to computer science and programming. The course emphasises breadth over depth, providing students with background knowledge on the many applications of computation.

The major topics covered under this online computer science course are– data structures, decomposition, iteration and recursion, computational thinking, and algorithms and complexity. Under this course, candidates will learn about the various concepts of programming languages which include conditional statements, control flows, and variables.

The course lasts 9 weeks, with a weekly workload of fourteen to sixteen hours. The primary mode of instruction is video lectures, and the course includes numerous activities to put your newly acquired skills to use. There are three problem sets with difficult coding exercises to help you solidify your knowledge.

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Computer Science 101 (Stanford University)

Computer Science 101 aims to debunk the mystery of computers by demonstrating that they operate by following a few simple patterns. This course will assist you in becoming acquainted with those patterns. It will provide information about how computers work and their limitations.

Furthermore, this easy computer science course delves into networking and other major CS topics. There is no need for prior computer science knowledge.

Computers are powerful due to their ability to perform billions of operations per second. They are stupid, however, because they require someone to tell them what to do. Here’s where programmers come in.

This course introduces candidates to programming and other computer science concepts through the use of small snippets of JavaScript.

The course lasts six weeks, with each week taking four to six hours to complete. Lessons are delivered via video lectures, which are supplemented by notes and assessments.

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