Current Affairs August 4 2017 Questions and Answers

August 4 2017 Current Affairs Questions and Answers with an Explanation

Q1. The Second Agri UDAAN Program Launched in __________.
A. Patna
B. New Delhi
C. Chennai
D. Bengaluru

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Answer: B – The National Academy of Agricultural Research Management (NAARM) on Thursday launched “AGRI UDAAN” programme in which selected startups will be trained to develop innovative agriculture products.

Q2. Who has set new Guinness World Records achievement in India by making the world’s largest basketball lesson?
A. Peter Andersen
B. Kevin Peterson
C. Kevin Durant
D. Mark Charles

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Answer: C – Sorry No Explanation for this.

Q3. Who is appointed as DSP by Punjab Government recently ?
A. Sridevi Naidu
B. Harmanpreet Kaur
C. Rakesh Sharma
D. Suresh Menon

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Answer: B – Harmanpreet Kaur scored 171 not out from 115 balls in the semi-final against Australia, powering India into the Women’s Cricket World Cup final.

Q4. Which city’s Sergio Tapiro Velasco received 2017 Travel Photographer Of The Year award?
A. Colombia
B. Peru
C. Chile
D. Mexico

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Answer: D – From the 15,000 entries, the Grand Prize was awarded to a photograph titled The Power of Nature, showing Mexico’s Colima Volcano erupting with lava as it is hit by a bolt of lighting.

Q5. Manju Kumari, who has won bronze in the Junior World Wrestling Championship, is related to which category?
A. 67kg category
B. 59kg category
C. 44kg category
D. 51kg category

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Answer: B – India’s Manju Kumari won the bronze medal with a 2-0 victory over Ilona Prokopevniuk of Ukraine in the Junior World Wrestling Championship in Tampere, Finland.

Q6. India’s first dedicated helicopter-taxi (heli-taxi) service will be launched in which city?
A. New Delhi
B. Mumbai
C. Bengaluru
D. Chennai

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Answer: C –

Q7. Lok Sabha Passes Bill to Raise National Bank For Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD) Capital as ___________ crore.
A. 30,000
B. 25,000
C. 10,000
D. 22,000

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Answer: A – A bill to enable exit of RBI from Nabard and increase authorised capital of the development institution six times to Rs 30,000 crore was passed by the Lok Sabha today.

Q8. Former union minister Santosh Mohan Dev passes away at the age of ___________
A. 80
B. 81
C. 82
D. 83

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Answer: D – Former union minister Santosh Mohan Dev passes away at 83. He is usrrvied by his wife and four daughters, including Congress MP Sushmita Dev.

Q9. Which country on August 3, 2017 approved a law to give permanent citizenship to expats?
A. Saudi Arabia
B. Qatar
C. Oman
D. Kuwait

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Answer: B – Qatar, facing a Saudi-led boycott, approved a landmark law with the potential to ultimately transform Gulf societies by granting permanent residency cards — and new rights — to some of the foreigners who dominate its population.

Q10. Who has been named as the new Secretary General of industry chamber FICCI?
A. Sanjay Baru
B. Vineet Taneja
C. A Dildar Singh
D. Hasmukh Adia

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Answer: A – Sanjaya Baru, who was media advisor to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, has been named new secretary general of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Ficci).
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