13 October 2017 Current Affairs Questions and Answers for SSC

Q1. Which rocket completes successful launch of recycled rocket Falcon 9 ?
A. Cartosat
B. Aryabhatta
C. Space X
D. Agni III

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Answer: Space X

Q2. According to World Payment Report 2017, digital payments in India will grow at a compound annual growth rate of how much percent during 2016 to 2020?
A. 25.4%
B. 26.2%
C. 26.7%
D. 27.8%

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Answer: 26.2%

Q3. The joint training exercise “Mitra Shakti 2017” has started between India and which country?
A. Sri Lanka
B. South Korea
C. Japan
D. Myanmar

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Answer: Sri Lanka

Q4. ‘MedWatch’ mobile app has been launched by ________.
A. Indian Airforce
C. Indian Army
D. Indian Navy

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Answer: Indian Airforce

Q5. Visa has tied up with the Andhra Pradesh government for Digital Dhan Sankalp project to develop _________into India’s first ‘less cash’ city.
A. Vizianagaram
B. Guntur
C. Amaravati
D. Visakhapatnam

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Answer: Visakhapatnam

Q6. Who has become the 1st cricketer from Bangladesh to be inducted in MCC World Cricket Committee?
A. Mehedi Hasan Miraz
B. Shakib Al Hasan
C. Soumya Sarkar
D. Nasir Hossain

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Answer: Shakib Al Hasan

Q7. What is India’s first sewage treatment plant under Hybrid Annuity Mode called?
A. Swachhta Ganga
B. Namami Gange
C. Nirmal Ganga
D. Sajal Ganga

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Answer: Nirmal Ganga

Q8. Who on October 11, 2017, was appointed as Chairman of FTII?
A. Mahesh Bhatt
B. Vikram Gokhale
C. Soni Razdan
D. Anupam Kher

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Answer: Anupam Kher

Q9. Javier Mascherano made how many appearances for his country?
A. 139
B. 140
C. 150
D. 151

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Answer: 139

Q10. Aleena Reji is associated with which sports
A. Boxing
B. Cycling
C. Table Tennis
D. Wrestling

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Answer: Cycling