18 October 2017 Current Affairs Questions and Answers for SSC

Q1. Who won Recognised With Philanthropy Award recently ?
A. Vijay Prakash
B. Nithin Kumar
C. Alex Raju
D. Sunil Kumar

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Answer: Alex Raju

Q2. International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (IDEP) is observed on which date?
A. October 18
B. October 17
C. October 16
D. October 19

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Answer: October 17

Q3. Mahindra & Mahindra has launched which programme to empower women working in the agriculture sector by promoting efficient and ergonomic farm tools and equipment?
A. Sahayak
B. Prerna
C. Sahyog
D. Chhavi

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Answer: Prerna

Q4. Who has won the 2017 Man Booker Prize?
A. Sebastian Barry
B. Zadie Smith
C. George Saunders
D. Colin Thubron

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Answer: George Saunders

Q5. Aircraft TU142M is which country aircraft?
A. Japan
B. America
C. China
D. Russia

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Answer: Russia

Q6. Beyond The Dreamgirl” has been written by ______.
A. Jai Narain Prasad Nishad
B. Mukherjee Ram Kamal
C. Robin Singh
D. Gopaldas Neeraj

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Answer: Mukherjee Ram Kamal

Q7. Punyaslok Dasgupta who passed away on October 16, 2017 was a _________.
A. Journalist
B. Sportsperson
C. Poet
D. Businessman

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Answer: Businessman

Q8. Which online campaign is the Ministry of Women and Child development initiating to end gender bias?
A. #IamThatWoman
B. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
C. #UshaKiran
D. Jyoti

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Answer: #IamThatWoman

Q9. On which day marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
A. 17 October
B. 18 October
C. 19 October
D. 20 October

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Answer: 17 October

Q10. China Communist Party’s conclave is being held in ___.
A. Shanghai
B. Beijing
C. Xiamen
D. Gwongzu

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Answer: Beijing

Q11. Blockchain Banking Network is launched by which company to speed up Cross-border Payments
A. Samsung
B. Microsoft
C. Nokia

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Answer: IBM