25 October 2017 Current Affairs Questions and Answers for SSC

Q1. Which bank Launches m-wallet with MobiKwik?
A. State Bank Of India
C. IndusInd Bank
D. HDFC Bank

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Answer: IndusInd Bank

Q2. Which ministry join hands for SAATHI initiative ?
A. Ministry of External Affairs
B. Ministry of Finance
C. Ministry of Power & Textiles
D. Ministry of Women and Child Development

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Answer: Ministry of Power & Textiles

Q3. Name the player to win ‘The Best FIFA Men’s Player’ award at the 2017 Best FIFA Awards.
A. Neymar
B. Cristiano Ronaldo
C. Lionel Messi
D. Gonzalo Higuain

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Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo

Q4. Who was elected as the new Prime Minister of Japan –
A. Tarō Asō
B. Akie Abe
C. Shinzo Abe
D. Shintaro Abe

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Answer: Shinzo Abe

Q5. Which state Government announces additional benefits for karma-yogis working on fix pay on 11 months contract?
A. Gujarat
B. Kerala
C. Goa
D. Tamil Nadu

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Answer: Gujarat

Q6. Who has been appointed New Chief Executive of India Operations of Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp Ltd?
A. Preeti Bose
B. Stuart Milne
C. Jayant Rikhye
D. Nikhil Chopra

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Answer: Jayant Rikhye

Q7. How many millions did India and Asian Development Bank Signed recently ?
A. 300 millions
B. 650 millions
C. 500 millions
D. 750 millions

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Answer: 650 millions

Q8. ADB and GOI have signed a USD 300m loan to improve quality of public service delivery in which state?
A. Bihar
B. Odisha
C. West Bengal
D. Jharkhand

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Answer: West Bengal

Q9. Who takes the appointment as AMFI chief executive?
A. Susheel Patil
B. Mahidhar Rajan
C. NS Venkatesh
D. Vikram Kumar

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Answer: NS Venkatesh

Q10. Irruppam Veedu Sasidaran, who passed away recently, was the legendary personality of which field?
A. Film Industry
B. Sports
C. Journalism
D. Law

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Answer: Film Industry