28 October 2017 Current Affairs Questions and Answers for SSC

Q1. 2018 World Rally Championship (WRC) will be held in which country?
A. Turkey
B. Syria
C. Georgia
D. Greece

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Answer: Turkey

Q2. National University and this company inks pact to train nearly 5,000 in Philippines.
B. Infosys
D. Accenture

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Answer: TCS

Q3. When is the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage observed?
A. October 28
B. October 26
C. October 27
D. October 25

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Answer: October 27

Q4. Which country has become the first country to leave International Criminal Court (ICC)?
A. Botswana
B. South Africa
C. Gambia
D. Burundi

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Answer: Burundi

Q5. Indian-American Sunil Gulati is associated with which sports?
A. Soccer
B. Rugby
C. Football
D. Basketball

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Answer: Soccer

Q6. Which country is 3rd Highest Number of Family-Owned Businesses?
A. Pakistan
B. China
D. India

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Answer: India

Q7. How many countries will participate in FIFA 2018 World Cup ?
A. 32
B. 31
C. 30
D. 29

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Answer: 32

Q8. Which country Overtakes US to Become Second Largest Smartphone Market: Report?
A. New York
B. India
C. Bulgaria
D. Iraq

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Answer: India