Current Affairs September 02 2017 Questions and Answers

Q1. Which Indian city gets first World Heritage City certificate?
A. Jaipur
B. Chennai
C. Ahmedabad
D. Hyderabad

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Answer: Ahmedabad

Q2. For Whom the central government launched a scheme called Rashtriya Vayoshri recently ?
A. Women Welfare
B. Senior Citizens
C. Youth
D. Children’s Scheme

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Answer: Youth

Q3. Who was appointed as the new Secretary of the Department of Financial Services (DFS)?
A. Shobhana Kamineni
B. A. P. Sawhney
C. Rajiv Kumar
D. Hemant G. Contractor

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Answer: Rajiv Kumar

Q4. Which of the following is the first scheme to be launched since the Yogi Adityanath government came to power in Uttar Pradesh?
A. Saksharta Abhiyan
B. Swach UP
C. Make in UP
D. None of the above

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Answer: Make in UP

Q5. Louisiana, the US Gulf Coast has been hitted by which Hurricane?
A. Dolly
B. Harvey
C. Norman
D. Isabel

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Answer: Harvey

Q6. Which country will revise its treaty with S Korea for development of ballistic missiles?
B. Japan
C. N Korea

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Answer: USA

Q7. Who has topped the Forbes’ list of highest paid female athletes of 2017 ?
A. Rafael Nadal
B. Andy Murray
C. Serena Williams
D. Stan Wawrinka

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Answer: Serena Williams

Q8. The Pulie Badze Wildlife Sanctuary (PWS) is located in which state?
A. Mizoram
B. Nagaland
C. Manipur
D. Tripura

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Answer: Nagaland