Current Affairs September 16 2017 Questions and Answers

Q1. With Which country India inks to Open Sky Agreement?
A. Bulgaria
B. Pakistan
C. Japan
D. Australia

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Answer: Japan

Q2. What is the name of the mission which was launched by the Maharashtra Chief Minister?
A. National Health Scheme
B. Government Hospital Scheme
C. Maha Mission 1 Million
D. National Aadhaar Scheme

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Answer: AMaha Mission 1 Million

Q3. What percent of Mumbai’s garbage is recyclable waste?
A. 73%
B. 72%
C. 71%
D. 70%

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Answer: 73%

Q4. Harry Dean Stanton, the veteran actor passed away. He hailed from which country?
A. France
B. Russia
C. United States
D. Germany

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Answer: United States

Q5. Odisha’s first Odia language university will come up in
A. Rourkela
B. Puri
C. Bhubaneswar
D. Paradip

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Answer: Bhubaneswar

Q6. Who is the author of the book ‘Unstoppable: My Life So Far’?
A. Sunita Williams
B. Maria Sharapova
C. Serena Williams
D. Martina Hingis

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Answer: Maria Sharapova

Q7. Which ministry signed an MOU with Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT)?
A. Ministry of Agriculture
B. Ministry of Corporate Affairs
C. Ministry of Health Affairs
D. Ministry of External Affairs

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Answer: Ministry of External Affairs

Q8. What does ATAGS stand for, in the context of DRDO?
A. Artillery Towed Advanced Gun System
B. Advanced Towed Artillery Gun Schedule
C. Advanced Tow Artillery Gun System
D. None of the above

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Answer: D. None of the above