Current Affairs September 19 2017 Questions and Answers

Q1. Greece has moved from Grexit to ________.
A. Grinvent
B. Grinnovate
C. Grinvest
D. None of the above

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Answer: Grinvest

Q2. ____ of Indian Navy will carry around 86 thousand family packs to Bangladesh as relief material in the ongoing operation Insaniyat.
A. INS Cavour
B. INS Vikramadity
C. INS Chakri
D. INS Garhial

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Answer: INS Chakri

Q3. The world’s largest radio telescope is located at which of the following province?
A. Guangdong
B. Guizhou
C. Sichuan
D. Yunnan

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Answer: Guizhou

Q4. How many public sector units on September 19, 2017, signed a MoU to form a joint venture, Khanij Bidesh India Ltd (Kabil)?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Answer B. 3[/su_spoiler]

Q5. Who will be new Director General of the National Investigation Agency (NIA. ?
A. Manoj Jhalani
B. YC Modi
C. Nitin Yadav
D. Parameswaran Iyer

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Answer: YC Modi

Q6. UN Human Rights Council Session was recently held at _______
A. Geneva
B. Paris
C. London
D. Washington

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Answer: Geneva

Q7. Who of the following has been conferred with prestigious President medal?
A. D Roopa
B. P Shikha
C. T Rani
D. M Vijaya

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Answer: D Roopa

Q8. India won __________ medals in Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.
A. 6
B. 5
C. 4
D. 3

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Answer: 4