01 November 2017 Current Affairs Questions and Answers for SSC

Q1. Which state Government Announces Lifetime Pensions for ‘Hindi Satyagrahis’ ?
A. Assam
B. Tamil Nadu
C. Kerala
D. Haryana

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Answer: Haryana

Q2. Which player has won the 2017 Mexico Grand Prix?
A. Sebastian Vettel
B. Max Verstappen
C. Lewis Hamilton
D. Kimi Raikkonen

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Answer: Sebastian Vettel

Q3. Which state is hosting the first-ever India-US Ocean Dialogue?
A. Assam
B. Maharashtra
C. Goa
D. Gujarat

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Answer: Goa

Q4. Who has been elected as the 95th Prime Minister of Japan?
A. Tadamori Oshima
B. Hirotaka Akamatsu
C. Shinzo Abe
D. Junichiro Koizumi

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Answer: Shinzo Abe

Q5. Who won gold in 10m Air Pistol event at Commonwealth Shooting championship in Brisbane?
A. Apurvi Chandela
B. Anjali Bhagwat
C. Heena Sindhu
D. Shagun Chowdhary

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Answer: Heena Sindhu

Q6. India on 30 October 2017 signed six pacts on energy, railways, trade and mutual investment with this nation –
A. Japan
B. Italy
C. China
D. Pakistan

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Answer: Italy

Q7. Heena Sidhu clinched gold in which air pistol event at Commonwealth Shooting Championships in Brisbane?
A. 16m air pistol
B. 15m air pistol
C. 10m air pistol
D. 09m air pistol

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Answer: 10m air pistol

Q8. Indian Air Force left to which country to participate in exercise ‘Blue Flag-17’?
A. Israel
B. Italy
C. Iran
D. Palestine

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Answer: Israel

Q9. Roger Federer won his _____ Basel Title on October 30, 2017.
A. 7th
B. 8th
C. 9th
D. 10th

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Answer: 8th