Agriculture Questions and Answers Section 4

1. Normal pH of cow’s milk is:
A. 6.6
B. 7.2
C. 5.5
D. 7.4

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Answer: 6.6

2. Which of the following contains highest amount of vitamin­A?
A. Litchi
B. Banana
C. Mango
D. Grapes

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Answer: Mango

3. Dolomite is rich in:
A. Fe
B. B
C. Mg
D. Mo

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Answer: Mg

4. Boro rice is mainly grown in:
A. Andhra Pradesh
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. West Bengal
D. Madhya Pradesh

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Answer: West Bengal

5. Maximum area under cultivation and production of coconut in India is in:
A. Andhra Pradesh
B. Odisha
C. Kerala
D. Tamil Nadu

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Answer: Kerala

6. Cicer arietinum is a botanical name of:
A. Linseed
B. Gram
C. Moong
D. Pea

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Answer: Gram

7. Yeast is a source of:
A. Vitamin­C
B. Sugar
C. Riboflavin
D. Hormones

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Answer: Riboflavin

8. National Dairy Research Institute is located at:
A. Dehradun
B. Karnal
C. Amritsar
D. Hissar

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Answer: Karnal

9. Milk sugar is also called:
A. Sucrose
B. Lactose
C. Glucose
D. Fructose

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Answer: Lactose

10. National dairy Research Institute (NDRI) is located at:
A. Bhopal
B. Raipur
C. Kanpur
D. Karnal

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Answer: Karnal

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