Courses for Business Analyst – Best Certification Courses for Business Analyst

Courses for Business Analyst – We are providing here best Business Analyst courses. With the help of you will also know best courses for Business Analyst for your better career and scope. list of all best Courses for Business Analyst below-

Business Analysis Fundamentals

This is one of the best courses for business analyst that helps you learn the core business analysis. This course also offers you the knowledge about budding up and starting your career in business analysis.
This course is a comprehensive guide related to the basic elements that become the most important tools in the career of any business analyst.
This course includes:

  • Business Analysis Basics: know who a business analyst is, what and how do they work.
  • Six project methodologies that include traditional Agile and Waterfall frameworks.
  • Project requirement basics and the six popular techniques that are used to obtain the details from the shareholders.
  • The understanding about initiating a project by learning the way to create a business case that is in alignment with the objectives of the business.

Those who are new business analysts and want to improve their skills, they can easily buy this on the best Udemy courses for Business Analyst for Rs. 385 from Udemy.

Business and Data Analysis Skills

This course for business analytics will help you learn the main business management skills and the various methods that are used for data analysis and presentation of results.

This is a career development course that will help you to learn how to use various spread sheet applications such as Microsoft Excel as a communication and analytical tool.

Through this course, you will learn to perform the real-world financial and market analysis. This will also help you to present your findings in a way that will create maximum impact.

By the end of this course, the learners will be able to take decisions that are data-driven and will help your organisation to prosper and grow. This course is the fourth one of the four-part Career Development XSeries of Full bridge. This will prepare you for success in the modern workplace.

This course will enhance the learning experience and understanding of the users regarding the use of applications like Ms-Excel, to determine the most essential functions of excels used for various tats, to analyse the market share and market size, to visualise and communicate data using graphs and charts and to communicated various types of key profitability metrics, cost and revenue.

IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA)

The Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) is offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). It is basically a credential for business analysts. ECBA is one of the entry-level certification courses for business analyst.

But before applying to take this exam, you will need to complete a specified number of approved training hours.

You will also need some additional resources to supplement your training to support in help in your exam preparation.

The first step in the core sequence of credentials for business analysts is ECBA. this certification course will lay a foundation of knowledge that will benefit you if you want to go for higher level of these exams.
The prerequisites for taking ECBA exam are:

  • Create an IIBA login
  • Agree to the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct of the Organisation
  • Complete a 25 hours of IIBA training which is called the Professional Development (PD) hours.

The application fee for ECBA is $60, and the exam fee fro members is $110 and fro non-members it is $235. The retake fee for members is $89 and for non-members it is $195.

Business Analysis Master class

This course for business analyst is based on a practical approach to learn Business Analysis. This duration of this course is 31h 43m and contains total 25 lectures.

In this curse, you will learn about the business analysis fundamentals and gain an understanding of the term business analysis and the role of a business analyst. You will also learn how to create requirement documents. You will also gain knowledge regarding User Story and User Case.

This course offers you an understanding of various software engineering processes like Agile Scrum Process, RUP (Rational Unified Process) and Waterfall Methodology.

This course also contains real time case studies that are related to Airlines Industries, Finance, Ecommerce, Retail and Insurance.

This course is for anyone who is planning a career change, or a business analyst aspirant or a recent graduate from college.

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