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Courses for Cyber Security – We are providing here best Cyber Security courses. With the help of you will also know best courses for Cyber Security for your better career and scope. list of best Courses for Cyber Security below-

The Complete Cyber Security Course

This course on Udemy is an all-inclusive and one of the best courses for cyber security that is taught by the instructor Nathan House. You can learn skills for defeating all the online threats such as malware, exploit kits, advanced hackers, zero days, cybercriminals, trackers, and more.

This online course for cyber security will help you become a Cyber Security Specialist. You can become an expert from a beginner with the help of this course.

All the major platforms like windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, Linux, and macOS are covered in this course.

The threat modelling and risk assessment will help you understand the vulnerability and threat landscape using the risk assessments and threat modelling.

If you are someone who wants to become an expert in privacy, security, and anonymity then this is the right course for you. You can easily buy this course from Udemy at Rs. 385.

Network Security

This course is the second part of the above-mentioned course by Nathan House. This is one of the best udemy courses for cyber security.

Nathan House has designed this course for home and personal cyber security, anonymity, and privacy.

By the end of this online course for cyber security, you will be able to build your network for utmost security and to prevent local and remote attacks. This course will also provide you with great network security services.

You will gain an understanding of the different types of firewalls available and the threats mitigated by each type of firewall. You will be able to explore the configurations that are needed for maximum security and wireless security in detail. You will be provided information about how wi-fi is hacked and how to reduce or mitigate such attacks. It will cover all the things related to encryption weaknesses, RF isolation, evil twins, and Wi-Fi crackers.

By the end of this course, you will be able to learn and get expertise in network monitoring for discovering and identifying potential hackers, and malware.

This course is for beginner and intermediate level internet users who are interested in privacy, security, and safety. You can easily buy this course from Udemy for Rs. 385.

Endpoint Protection

This course on cyber security is the third module of the Complete Cyber Security Course by Nathan House.

This course offers a relevant skillset that is required to secure mobile devices, desktops, and laptops from all types of threats like trackers, thieves, advanced hackers, exploit kits, etc. this course also covers end-point-protection which is a hot topic in the cyber security at present.

You will master the selection and implementation of the solid disk encryption technology that is used to protect devices from disk decryption attacks. This course will help you to understand the present and future generations of anti-virus, the way they work, and how they are implemented accurately.

This course for cyber security will also teach you how to detect and monitor the threats like hackers and malware by using detection and deception technologies. You will learn how to perform operating system hardening for the purpose of reducing the attacker surfaces from the devices for safety reasons.

If you are someone who is interested in knowing about the latest trends protection of end-points and cyber security, this is the perfect course for you.

Cyber security Specialisation Coursera

This course for cyber security provided by Coursera is an excellent course and it is offered by the University of Maryland.

This excellent course covers the basic and fundamental concepts related to the construction of secure systems from the hardware to the software by using cryptography for securing interactions.

All the concepts provided in this course are supported and explained with good examples that have been derived from modern practice and are enhanced by involving the use of various techniques and tools.
By the end of this course, all the learners will be able to develop a perspective that is security-oriented and also understand the way to think regarding adversaries and build a system that can be a defense against those adversaries.

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