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Courses for Data Science – We are providing here best courses for data science. You can also choose best university or eLearning portal to learn data science for better career option.

Data Science Course from Harvard University

This is an online certificate course for data science which is offered by Harvard University. This is one of the best Courses for Data Science offered online. It provides specialisation in major data science skills like machine learning, R programming, etc.

This course can be completed in 2-4 months depending upon your pace of learning. This program is constituted of nine courses which include visualisation, inference and modelling, wrangling, productivity, R basics, linear regression, probability, a capstone project, and machine learning.

Real-world motivating case studies are used for teaching data science courses fundamentally. By the end of the programme, you will have learned how to work independently on a data analysis project.

Data Science Certification from Johns Hopkins University

This is a high profile course taught by the professionals at Johns Hopkins University. The professionals aim to enhance the capability of students to handle data sets, create a visualisation, make inferences, and publish results.

This programme constitutes of ten courses and a capstone project too. Data scientists work with various tools to analyse data which include markdown, GitHub, R programming, statistical inference, machine learning, Rstudio, and so on. Therefore, this programme covers the specialisation of all such tools so that students can compete with other data scientists.

It should be noted that this course demands little experience in Python and little knowledge about regression. Students can become experts in data science from this course for data science and machine learning.

Data Science Certification from IBM

IBM has developed this data science program to provide expertise to learners so that they can pursue their careers in this field. This course is delivered to the students through the platform Coursera. This is one of the best Coursera courses for data science. Students can learn about the concept of machine learning and data science with a practical mode of learning.

This program comprises nine courses which include open source tools, python programming, visualisation and data analysis with python, machine learning basics, etc. Each of the nine courses typically contains three to six modules that require an average of 2-4 hours of effort per module. It could take up to two to three months for a beginner to complete the programme.

Data Science Certification with Python Specialisation by Michigan University

This programme is developed with the collaborative efforts of four professors at the University of Michigan. It aims to teach students with basics of programming and how to analyse and manipulate data effectively.
This programme comprises five courses that teach the techniques of using Python, and data science methods. It is expected that the students have a primary working experience with Python or any other programming language. The five courses included in this programme are – Applied plotting, data representation in Python, machine learning in Python, text mining and social network analysis, and Python data science fundamentals.
To earn the specialisation certificate, students must complete all five courses. This course in data science can help students determine whether or not a data visualisation is good or bad. Create best practices for basic visualisations and charts.

Data analytics certificate from Google

This course is one of the best Coursera courses for data science program by Google. Students can gain necessary skills for the entry-level job within the realm of data analytics. Students can learn how to gather, modify, and organise data to aid the discovery of new insights, make certain predictions and enhance business decisions.

This program includes the knowledge regarding basic tools like spread sheets, Google sheets, SQL, Tableau for visualisation of data, R programming, etc. The curriculum of this online data science course is developed by senior practitioners at Google with the collaborative efforts of industry leaders like Deloitte, Accenture, and Tableau. In this programme, seven courses are constituted with an optional Capstone project.

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