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Courses for Psychology – We are providing here best University and Diploma Courses for Psychology. With the help of you will know best courses for Psychology for your better career and scope.

Introduction to Psychology by University of Toronto

The human mind is a fascinating subject to study and investigate. This online Coursera course for psychology highlights the most intriguing experiments in psychology. More than 350,000 candidates have already enrolled in this online course for psychology.

It investigates the human mind and its cognitive abilities which include learning, perception, memory, attention, and consciousness. It elucidates how our surroundings can play a major role in decision making and highlights several aspects of human behaviour. Aside from that, it also teaches about the Science of Psychology and the key concepts of Clinical Psychology. There is also a discussion of various types of mental illnesses and their treatments.

Students will develop an understanding of things and an appreciation for who they are and how things around them work, after finishing this course. Therefore, this is one of the best online courses for psychology available in the market.

Buddhism and Modern Psychology by Princeton University

Princeton University’s Buddhism and Modern Psychology is a fantastic online Psychology course available on Coursera, with over 537K students already enrolled. The course investigates how Buddhist ideas about the human mind and meditative practice fare in light of evolutionary psychology.

It is a practical course that assists in investigating Buddhism through psychological studies. It teaches you in-depth theories about fundamental Buddhist claims about human psychology. This online course is comprised of 8 weekly modules which include topics such as the eightfold path, self-control, essentialism and emptiness, Buddhist and Darwinian Enlightenment, Mindfulness meditation and the brain, Mental modules and meditation, The first two noble truths of Buddhism, Religious Buddhism and Secular Buddhism.

The course uses a practical video-based learning system, graded exercises, instructor feedback, rich learning content, and other techniques to provide learning to the candidates. This course is free but the candidate will not be provided with any certificate for completion.

Introduction to Psychology by Yale University

This course is an excellent choice if you want to study psychology online in order to better understand human behaviour. This course has been highly rated by more than 680k students who have already enrolled in the university. This course provides a detailed overview of the study of human behaviour and thought.

Professor Paul Bloom is in charge of this online psychology course. This course is comprised of six modules which include topics like communication, perception, memory, learning, decision-making, emotions, persuasion, and social behaviour.

This course is considered one of the excellent online psychology courses for beginners. Candidates will get knowledge about foundational psychological theories and psychological discoveries.

Social Psychology by Wesleyan University

Wesleyan University’s social psychology course is one of the best online social psychology courses. This course is conducted with the utilisation of extremely useful reading material and videos, as well as a hands-on approach.

It introduces classic and contemporary social psychology and answers various questions about human behaviour using the most recent research in social psychology.

More than 428k candidates have already enrolled on this Coursera online psychology course. Scott Plous, a renowned professor of social psychology at Wesleyan University leads this course and teaches basic and advanced courses in social psychology.

This course is constituted of seven weekly modules which cover topics like persuasion, group behaviour, health and well-being, personal attraction, and so on.

Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology

This course is offered by Udemy and offers diplomas in applied psychology. In this course, candidates will get the knowledge of psychology behind the behaviour of people, which can lead to personal development, leadership skills, emotional IQ, and decision-making powers.

In this course, the candidates will get to know about the 7 disciplines of human psychology which will provide the candidates with some insights into human behaviour. This course introduces you to a wide range of psychological insights in a practical manner, allowing you to incorporate and apply them right away.

Candidates will be able to learn cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis, behaviourism, developmental psychology, humanism, and positive social psychology. The course will help you better understand how to support and create positive change in people’s lives.

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