SET 5 – General Science Questions and Answers

SET 5 – General Science Questions with Answers – In this section very important science related gk questions and answers have been published Here the students are studying and preparing for various competitive exams. Can do Based on the Science Quiz Set published here, there are about ten questions and answers in which you can read the quiz of all science subjects. These All Science Quiz is an important for SSC, UPSC, Railway, Bank, IBPS Examination.

SET 5 – General Science GK Quiz for Competitive Examination

Question 1. Who invented dynamite?
1. Alfred Bernard Nobel
2. Alexander
3. Aristotle
4. Philippine

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Answer: Alfred Bernard Nobel

Question 2. Which of the following elements is the first element to be formed in a laboratory?
1. Helium
2. Urea
3. Phosphorus
4. Calcium

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Answer: Urea

Question 3. Who is the first person to land on the moon?
1. Sunita William
2. Neil Arm Strong
3. Yuri Gagarin
4. Alfred Bernard Nobel

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Answer: Neil Arm Strong

Question 4. Which part of the body is affected in Alzheimer’s?
1. Brain
2. nose
3. Throat
4. Ear

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Answer: Brain

Question 5. Brain disease is detected by which of the following?
1. EEG Test
2. x ray
3. Ultrasound
4. None of these

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Answer: EEG test

Question 6. Which German mechanical engineer discovered X-rays?
1. Wilham Rotzen
2. James Hames
3. Alex Ray
4. None of these

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Answer: Wilham Rotzen

Question 7. Which of the following devices measures the depth of the ocean?
1. Alt meter
2. Multi Meter
3. Hecto Meter
4. Samo meter

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Answer: ulti meter

Question 8. What is the name of the first satellite left by India?
2. Indian heats up
3. James Hayes
4. Arya Bhatt

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Answer: Arya Bhatt

Question 9. Which of the following is a major component of honey?
1. Sodium
2. Calcium
3. Fructose
4. Mitochondria

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Answer: Fructose

Question 10. Which scientist invented the telephone?
1. Graham Bell
2. Galileo Gallilli
3. Alexander Fleming
4. Arya Bhatt

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Answer: Graham Bell
Q6. Digestion is not a function of which of the following?
A. Biotin
B. Pepsin
C. Rennin
D. None of the above
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Answer: Biotin

Q7. Identify chemical name of vitamin C?
A. Ascorbic acid
B. Retinol
C. Thiamine
D. Tochopherol

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Answer: Ascorbic acid

Q8. Which among the following principle is used by Bats?
A. RADAR (Radio Detective & Ranging)
B. SONAR (Sound Navigation & Ranging)
C. Law of reflection
D. Doppler effect

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Answer: SONAR (Sound Navigation & Ranging)

Q9. Water at approx 4 degree centigrade has _____
A. Minimum density
B. Maximum density
C. Maximum Volume
D. None of the above

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Answer: Maximum density

Q10. Milk is basically a type of:
A. Emulsion
B. Solvent
C. Suspension
D. Gel

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Answer: Emulsion

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