SET 2 – Synonyms and Antonyms Questions and Answers

SET 2 – Synonyms and Antonyms Questions and Answers – General English

Here GS Team published Verbal Ability- Synonyms and Antonyms Questions and Answers online quiz for Govt jobs exam preparation like SBI PO, Clerk, Railway, SSC CHSL, CGL, MTS, Banking, and More. These questions can be asked in competitive Exams.

General English- SET 2 – Synonyms and Antonyms Quiz – Verbal Ability

Choose the exact meaning of the underlined part of the sentence.
Q1. He is a good looking but insipid young man.
A. arrogant
B. unscrupulous
C. sick
D. lacking in spirit

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Answer: D. lacking in spirit

Q2. Man has to encounter many hardships in life.
A. solve
B. face
C. bear
D. overcome

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Answer: B. face

Q3. As a speaker he was an utter failure.
A. total
B. partial
C. completely
D. relative

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Answer: A. total

Q4. Courtesy costs one nothing.
A. Sociability
B. Civility
C. Urbanity
D. Modesty

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Answer: B. Civility

Q5. Graduation day is momentous day for most students.
A. memorable
B. melancholy
C. important
D. hectic

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Answer: C. important

Q6. Some mention of this should be (u)inserted(/u) here.
A. Added
B. Put in
C. Included
D. Supplied

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Answer: B. Put in

Q7. India has made (u)spectacular(/u) progress in science and technology.
A. remarkable
B. great
C. formidable
D. super

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Answer: A. remarkable

Q8. The navy gave (u)tactical(/u) support to the marines.
A. sensitive
B. strategic
C. expedient
D. expert

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Answer: B. strategic

Q9. Mumbai is the (u)terminus(/u) of the Western Railways.
A. last stop
B. termination
C. junction
D. tenure

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Answer: A. last stop

Q10. Swami Vivekananda led a (u)godly(/u) life.
A. Pious
B. Heavenly
C. Religious
D. Pure

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Answer: A. Pious

Q11. In his old age the man turned a fatalist.
A. Disbeliever in God
B. Believer in God
C. Believer in fate
D. Non-believer in destiny

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Answer: C. Believer in fate

Q12. The officer was divested of all power.
A. Bared
B. Denuded
C. Dispossessed
D. Disrobed

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Answer: C. Dispossessed

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