SET 2 – World Questions and Answers

World GK Quiz Set-2 :Here we have published World General Knowledge Set-2 Questions and Answers, all these questions are common knowledge of the worl4. These questions will be helpful for you in all the upcoming exams and interviews.

World General Knowledge Quiz Set-2

Q1. Which of the following is the first person in the world to fly by air?
1. Neil Armstrong
2. Wright brothers
3. Clement Attlee
4. Plato

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Answer: Wright brothers

Q2. Which temple was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site?
1. Kali Ghat
2. Mahabodhi
3. Chamundeshwari
4. Varadaraj

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Answer: Mahabodhi

Q3. The largest continent of the world is ______?
1. Australia
2. Africa
3. South America
4. Asia

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Answer: Asia

Q4. Which is the largest island in the world?
1. Jambu Island
2. Galápagos
3. Iceland
4. Greenland

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Answer: Greenland

Q5. Which is the smallest bird in the world?
1. Nilkanth Bird
2. Humming bird
3. Parrot
4. Pigeon

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Answer: Humming bird

Q6. What is the name of the first person in the world to land in the moon?
1. Yuri Gagarin
2. Neil Armstrong
3. Bachendri Pal
4. Rakesh Sharma

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Answer: Neil Armstrong

Q7. Who is the Director General of World Health Organization?
1. Kiran Bedi
2. Margaret Chan
3. Arun Jaitley
4. Vangari Mathai

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Answer: Margaret Chan

Q8. Which of the following is the world’s most gold producing country?
1. India
2. England
3. United States
4. South Africa

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Answer: South Africa

Q9. Name the world organization which was established in 1920 and dissolved in 1946?
1. Eurasian Pact
2. League of Nations
3. Cream Treaty
4. Warsaw Pact

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Answer: League of Nations

Q10. When is the International Day celebrated for resolving racial bias?
1. 21 March
2. 15 April
3. 9 June
4. 2 May

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Answer: 21 March

Q11. How many oceans are on Earth?
1. 11
2. 22
3. 9
4. 5

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Answer: 5

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