SET 9 – World Questions and Answers

World GK Quiz Set-9 :Here we have published World General Knowledge Set-9 Questions and Answers, all these questions are common knowledge of the world. These questions will be helpful for you in all the upcoming exams and interviews.

World General Knowledge Quiz Set-9

Question 1. Famous Physician J. J. Who did thomson discover?
1. Carbohydrate
2. Oxygen
3. Electron
4. Proton

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Answer: Electron

Question 2. Famous writer Atmaram Sharma was the author of the first book printed in which language?
1. Hindi language
2. Urdu language
3. Assamese language
4. Persian language

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Answer: Assamese language

Question 3. In which city of Gujarat state is the port of Indus Valley Civilization located?
1. Surat
2. Lothal
3. Jamnagar
4. Bhavnagar

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Answer: Lothal

Question 4. Which of the following states of India is the largest state in the Northeast?
1. Kerala
2. Gujarat
3. Arunachal Pradesh
4. Delhi

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Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

Question 5. Which Indian state is located in the north of China?
1. Assam
2. Kerala
3. Gujarat
4. Delhi

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Answer: Assam

Question 6. Which of the following is the closest planet to the Sun?
Wh Venus
2. Saturn
3. Arun
4. Mercury

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Answer: Wed

Question 7. In which city of Maharashtra State is the Headquarter of Northeast Frontier Railway located?
1. Mumbai
2. Malegaon
3. Pune
4. Solapur

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Answer: Malegaon

Question 8. Which of the following is a food item of an organism, a mulberry leaf?
1. Cockroaches
2. Rabbit
3. Silkworms
4. All

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Answer: Silkworms

Question 9. Which of the following appoints the Chief Election Commissioner in India?
1. Prime Minister
2. Judge
3. Minister of Defense
4. President

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Answer: President

Question 10. Which poet of India has written the patriotic song ‘A Mere Watan Ke Logo’?
1. Rabindranath Tagore
2. Poet Pradeep
3. Munsi Premchandra
4. Ajit Narayan

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Answer: Poet Pradeep

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