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Perfect Long and Short Essay on A Journey by Train for School and Colleges’s Students

I had one of the most wonderful moments that I still cherish in my life, on a journey by train. Being fresh from the life of schooling and not much exposed the world outside, it was the most drastic decision I made to make travel to Kolkata. Most people make reservations for a two full day journey, but I had not reservations for such a long distance travel. It was just an abrupt decision. I bought a current ticket and with my handbag, I just rushed in as the train rolled in the station.

For a few hours it was the adventure to find me place to locate myself to spend the rest of the two days in the journey. If you know the condition of general compartment when the crowd is large, you can just imagine the picture. After a little walk-through into the general compartment, I got a place sufficient enough to fit in. Five hours passed, gradually as the mobile battery started to wane off, and tiredness started to creep in, the real taste of this adventure had begun. With barely enough money to fend for myself I had set my budget well enough to last for the month-end. I ate when I could not control my hunger, and kept the money well secured.

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I passed through several stations and final was embarking into a new state. By now it was getting dark and as usual sleep was taking over me. Being an enthusiast in finding pleasure for new things, I passed through many locations and i looked intently as the development which I had not seen. It was giving me a ride into my idea of modern world. We passed vast stretches of fields, glided through hills and towns, villages and rivers – small and big, all of them were giving me new delight.

Day one had passed, and I had not had enough sleep, as I slept waking up a numerous times in the darkness of the night. I had kept in the back of my head few instructions, while traveling in a train and did not want to be part of any misadventure, so I embraced my bag and slept.

I loved watching different kinds of people and tried to understand their talks and conjured their psychology. In a train journey I felt myself as a write trying to decipher the thinking of man. It was such a delightful feeling. I always avoided the intervention of strangers, and as it is said, never be too friendly with strangers on a journey. I kept this in the top of my head, better be alone and safe.

It has left an indelible mark in my life till today. Train journey has great lessons to teach.

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