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Long and Short Beggars Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

A beggar is a person who begs for money or food from another person. Another word commonly used for a beggar is a “panhandler”. In truth, no one wants to be called a beggar. Most of the beggars are homeless and they been driven into begging because they are not able to find jobs. The life of a beggar is pitiable and miserable.

Street beggars can be found in public places such as transport routes, parking areas, and around the busy markets. Apart from begging for money, some may also ask for food, drink, cigarettes or other items for their use.

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Beggars beg in order to make living for themselves and their family members. They usually do not possess a house of their own. While some of them find a dwelling place in slum areas still many are deprived of the chance to settle even at such places. In the big cities and towns, footpath and roadside areas are the only places they could find to lay their heads to sleep and lead their lives.

During the day, most of the beggars sit on the footpath begging from passers-by to offer them food and money. When the night comes they sleep at the same place because they have nowhere else to go. Some beggars used to pitch their tents on the footpath where they leave their kids and keep their belongings while they go begging. However, the places they used is often occupied illegally and is often chased by the police to find some other places to live in.

In hot places where the weather conditions are extreme, the life of beggars is too pathetic to see. They have no roof to take shelter. They have to face extreme heat and cold. Things get even worse during the rainy season because they have no place to take cover. They don’t even have a place to prepare their meals. Most of the beggars suffer from illnesses caused due to exposure to extreme heat and cold. We often hear in the news of beggars living on the footpath dying due to the heat wave, cold and heavy rainfall.

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Begging is a serious problem and it becomes, even more, a major concern when there are young children involved in the trade. At an age when the other kids are at schools, these kids are deprived of all the opportunity to study and are forced to beg for their livelihood.
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