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Long and Short Black Money Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

“Unaccounted Money” is known as black money. With the passage of time, the issue on Black Money has become one of the most serious concerns of our country. It does not mean money alone. There is a wide list of things which comes under black money, namely, the illegal acquisition of wealth, like properties, shares, houses, business buildings, plots and even cars too. Precious possessions like gold, diamond and other jewellery comes under this preview. The assets which are not accounted become black money. In the pretext of tax evasion, these assets are kept in low domain by those who inherit it.

In India more than anything, black money has risen into hot political storming and even many profess to eradicate the evil, but not achieved yet. There is an estimated of more than 250 million cores of black money in existence in India every year. This is adequate evidence on the amount of this unaccounted money which is prevalent. The other side of the story shows, on how there is a rampant existence of illegal practices and dishonesty too. The Income Tax department checks on the reduction of black money. When people deliberately avoid tax and withdraw from paying it to the government, it gives the birth of black money.

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Many business organizations do not show exactly there sources of income. The accounts are mostly fabricated and the false accounts are shown to evade tax. Consequently, the tax which ought to be paid to the government does not get paid. Gradually when the business continues, the daily accumulation of money from this business too rises in the long run. When the wealth increases, these individuals do not have any proof to show from where they acquired it. This is termed as black money.

We at many times have had encouraged the shop keepers in the creation of black money, when we do not care to ask for a bill. This gives to the natural consequence in the creation of black money. No-billing in the right way, creates cores of black money in our country. Even when dealers do not produce the sales tax to the sale tax authorities, it is the evasion of tax.

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Government has take adverse measure to curb black money, but has not been efficient in its resolve. This perennial malady can be cured when honesty prevails in the business. With the maximization of profit, the business owners forge accounts and give rise to black money.

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