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Long and Short Brain Drain Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

‘Brain Drain’ is a term which refers to a significant emigration of educated and talented individuals. It occurs in countries where the employment opportunities are not in equal provision with the educated youth in the nation.

When a large number of learned and talented professionals especially doctors, engineers and those belonging to the financial sector leave their country to seek better job opportunities in another country it is known as ‘brain drain’. The problem is quite common mostly in developing countries like India.

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Indians are excelling in varied fields and securing highly paid jobs in different parts of the world. They are brilliant in the fields of business and technology and it is true that Indians form a major part of the United States’ technology industry. Indians have thus contributed greatly towards building U.S. technology and its economy in turn. If they were given the opportunity they would have had contributed even half as much in the development of India, the country would have been in a better shape today.

India suffers a huge loss due to Brain Drain as the employment opportunities available here are not at par with the quality of education provided. In our country, talented people suffer at the hands of the quota system. When undeserving people from the reserved category are offered highly paid jobs while the deserving candidates have to settle for lesser pay, it is only natural for such deserving individuals to seek jobs that are in higher profile with their talent in another country.

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In our country, people are also preferred based on their creed, race and other things that have nothing to do with their talent when it comes to giving jobs. Many people have an inclination of offering jobs to those belonging to their own community or religion. All these must be put to a stop and a person must be employed in a job based on his merit and ability.
It is frequently uttered that an employee does not leave the organization, but the boss. People need to be encouraged and rewarded for their work and if this does not happen at the right time, they feel de-motivated and look for opportunities outside. Also, just wages must be given to the employee for the job done.

One of the ways to raise the economy of our country is to curb the problem of Brain Drain. The measures to control this problem mentioned above must be taken seriously and implemented by the government and organizations so that this unhealthy practice of brain drain is put to halt.

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