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Long and Short Essay on Caste System for School/College’s Students

Is caste system a blessing or a curse? Initially it was a blessing to the society as it helped in division of labour and social stratification. But later it be a social evil when people began to discriminate one another based on castes. It’s an extreme evolution of a system of legally-entrenched social categories, conjointly endogamous and hereditary, like that of social structure in Europe.

There are some who are of the opinion that “caste” means lineage. In other books, the term caste was derived from the Spanish word “Casta” which means breed or race. It implies that the folks of identical caste pertaining to identical race. The class structure nowadays continues to be existent, however not in its worst type. It’s as a result of media, education and trendy means of communication on the market to the folks. Although the law was passed in 1962 against discrimination of untouchable caste however it still exists in today’s world.

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Though caste systems exist in varied regions, its paradigmatic anthropology example is the division of Indian society into rigid social groups, with roots in Asian nation’s ancient history and uninterrupted till today; it’s typically used as a nonliteral basis for the study of caste-like social divisions existing outside India. In a segmental division of class structure, society is split into completely different segments. During this segmental division, the standing or position of a private is recognized by birth, not by ability or economic background. Caste confined the behaviour of a private in a segmental division and delineated social control for the violators.

It divides society into a kind of lower and higher social groups. Cluster hierarchy exists in each social and spiritual category and everybody is restricted to stay in their own cluster. Those that belong to one caste are restricted and don’t seem to be allowed to stay involved with another caste in the type of marriages or other social interaction. There’s a violation in each class structure for each other that is the reason why they cannot marry outside identical caste. They’re not even allowed to participate in any spiritual activities.

Initially, the caste system served as a good means of social stratification. The division was based on the trades and not on religious principles. The good meaning of the caste system got polluted only when people began to classify a person as a high or low caste citizen and made the division to be based on hierarchy. It is very much necessary for everyone to know the true meaning of caste system and avoid discrimination.

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