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Long and Short Child Trafficking Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

Child Trafficking is a form of human trafficking. It is defined as the recruitment, transportation, harbouring, transfer, or taking of a child for the purposes of slavery, exploitation and forced labour. This definition is fundamentally wider than the same definition stated in the document of trafficking in persons. Children are also trafficked for the purpose of adoption. Child trafficking has been universally recognized as a serious crime that exists in every region of the world and which often has implications on human rights.

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Generally, child trafficking occurs in three stages: recruitment, movement, and exploitation. Recruitment takes place when a child is approached by a recruiter, or in some cases, the children themselves directly approach a recruiter. Recruitment is initiated in many different ways: adolescents may be under pressure to contribute to their families, children may be kidnapped or abducted into trafficking, or the entire families may be trafficked together. Ultimately, the final goal of child trafficking is exploitation, whereby traffickers use the services of children to harvest illegal profit. Exploitation can take place in a variety of ways and forms, including the practices of forced labour, sexual exploitation, and child begging.

Law enforcement is needed to ensure the actual prosecution of traffickers. UNICEF maintains that successful prosecution of child traffickers is the best way to send a message that child trafficking will be given zero tolerance. Traffickers can be caught at any one of the three steps of trafficking: recruitment, movement, or exploitation. Anti-trafficking laws and child labour laws must be appropriately enforced and properly implemented.

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Measures should be taken to control child trafficking. The legal processes must be in place for removing children from trafficking situations and bringing them back to their families or other appropriate settings for their shelter. These victims should also be provided with individualized and given supportive physical and psychological rehabilitation in order to establish himself or herself in society. This recuperation can be a long process but, with the individual having the correct support, they can work towards a functional normal life. Finally, steps should be taken to avoid double victimization, which means to ensure that formerly trafficked children are treated as victims, and not as criminals. The children must be protected from other eminent threats to their safety. The government and the citizens must be on the alert to check on the evil practice of child trafficking. With corrective measures taken, we can rest assured that our world would be a safe home for all children.

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