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There has been a rapid progress in the recent times. Not few decades ago, people mostly lived in villages and city life was the least standard of living. But now there has been a monumental change in both this life. However, they are both inseparable aspect of humanity, like being the two sides of the same coin. Village Life meets to those deficiencies which the city life has, and likewise city life meets to the demands of village life. They are interlaced and go in parallel importance towards the formation of nation.

To list out some of the highlighting difference which are unique to it, and that makes both a complimentary to each other are:

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1. Primary Contact source: In village life, there is a strong bond in relationship, and it is marked with primary contact with the member of the family. The feeling of “we” is very dominant in the village life. And the members know each other very well, and there is a great understanding and sharing of love too.

On the other hand, the city life has something very contrasting to the village life. The life is very animated in the city and the feeling of “we” exists in a very low margin. Too often we have no knowledge of our next neighbor. There is a dwindling of love and sharing in the city life, which is too often busy with development.

2. Simplicity and Uniformity: Village life is in its essence simple and very uniform. Being an agrarian life, there is no much of artificiality in the village. People live a very uniform life, engaging in cultivation and animal rearing. The simplicity of life in the village arises from the low earning and income. And the land becomes the priceless possession in the village.

However, city life is not associated with this simplicity. The complexities are the striking feature in the city life, where the extremes of situation keep happening. Precisely, for this reason, the life in the city has increasing rate of crimes.

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3. Skill specialization: There is a vast difference in the skills specialization in the city life and the village life. Village life primarily focuses on the specialization of production in agriculture, and the city life is dominant in great other specializations. Both do not stand at par with each other.

4. Mobility: In city life, the aspect of mobility is the essential feature. Individuals keep shifting from one standard of live to another rapidly. This however is not observed much in the village life.

5. Educational Improvement: City life is known to cater high scope for education, unlike the village life. People rush to cities in order to get standard education and carry on with career. There is not much educational improvement in village life.

Conclusion: Although there are ample of differences in both, yet both are complimentary aspects of living. One cannot stand without the other. Much of the support comes from the village into city life.

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