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Long and Short Communal Harmony Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

Communal harmony is the state of peace and calm among various groups of people belonging to different religions, ethnic groups, races, castes and tribes. It is the feeling of orderliness that is resulting from the unity and harmony experienced by the people. It is important to maintain harmony and reduce the tension and friction of the country.

In a country like India, it is very important to maintain internal peace, which is essential for the progress and development of the people in the country. India is a hub of religions and the very nature of the culture is diversified and composite. Mutual understanding, tolerance and regards for other religions is an ancient tradition of the country. But sometimes this religious difference was the cause of communal disharmony.

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The framers of the constitution have carefully underlined the need for communal harmony and ensuring equal rights to all Indians irrespective of caste, colour and creed. It is the challenge laid before us to maintain this harmony by accepting and tolerating one another despite our religious differences. Another threat to communal harmony is the activity of the antisocial and professional criminals who have been playing a major role in communal riots. They are the ones who fight for selfish gain with vested interests for themselves.

Important measures should be taken to deal with communal disharmony effectively. The measure should deal with the suitable amendment in the existing applicable law, pertaining to anything which disrupts peace, and strive to curb criminal conspiracy against the state and people of India. Personal selfish motives should not be above the interest of the country. The government should pay heed in making laws which are at loggerheads with the religious principles of the people.

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It is the need for the hour to work for the communal harmony in our country. Each citizen should perform his or her duty towards the building of unity and harmony in the country. Ultimately it is the mentality of the people which is at the grassroots level of maintaining order in the state. People should be educated on the importance of living in harmony. The way to live at peace is accepting and tolerating people and customs of different religions and traditions which belong to others. When necessary measures are not taken, there can be riots in the country based on religion and ethnic clashes. Therefore, let us work towards building communal harmony in the country.

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