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Long and Short Doctor Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

It is no doubt that life is filled with pleasures and at the same time, life brings along maladies which needs healing balm. From the beginning of humanity, all along the course, there have been individuals who came into the relief of the other. They work to restore pleasures, and alleviate the sorrow that comes compelling down. One such disheartening is ill-health. We often see in the past those with the touch of cure are revered and esteemed by all. In the contemporary times, they are professionals who become the agents of cure and well-being. They are ‘Doctors’.

Doctors are the noblest people existing in the world. They do the work of God, curing visibly in the midst of the people. They are the most respected people of the society, and their services cannot be compared with any other profession. Doctors dedicated their lives for the services of the sick, and those in most need. Their service relieves the humanity of the sufferings and pain which everyone is beset every day. It is rather a blessing to have such dedicated individuals who give their time for the good health of multitude. They help create the world a healthier and better place to live in.

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History is replete with great and wonderful examples of dedicated Doctors that have changed the course of treatment and foster better health. They help prevent dangerous diseases, and even risk their own life to save the rest of the humanity. We have heard, how some of the epidemics were at the verge of exterminating the entire population at some places in the world, but it is the Doctors who came to the rescue. They place their life wholeheartedly for the betterment of others. Doctors often do meticulous research to find the cure, and there has been great advancement in the treatment as well.

It is the sheer hard-work of the Doctors that the ways of treatment has improved considerably. They medicines and the surgery have gone beyond the imagination of human beings, and much untold good has been done with it. There is cure for even the worst of disease, and even damages are well treated with their persistent effort. If you look into the world of medics, there are highly advanced hospitals and they are equipped with the latest technology.

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Doctors practice different types of cure. The most known today in India are Ayurvedic, homeopathy and Unani, which are systems of cure initiated to remedy the patient of illness. They make the hard life of others into a wellness.

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