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Long and Short Family Planning Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

Family planning is a term that refers to educational, comprehensive medical or social activities which allow people to freely choose the number and spacing of their children and to select the means by which this may be achieved.

Family planning may involve consideration of the number of children a woman wishes to bear which includes the choice to have no children as well as the age at which she desires to have children. All these matters are in some ways influenced by external factors such as marital of the spouses, career position, financial stability, disabilities that may affect their ability to have children and raise them. If the partners are still sexually active, family planning may involve the use of contraception and other means to control the timing of reproduction. Other techniques widely followed include sexuality education, prevention and management of sexually transmitted infections, and infertility management.

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According to the definition given by the United Nations and the World Health Organization Family planning covers services leading up to conception and does not encourage abortion as a family planning method, although the use of contraceptive reduces the need for abortion.

Family planning is required both at an individual level and at a global level. Having the ability to plan as a family about when and how many children they will have can allow them to have fewer children to whom they possibly can devote more energy, time and resources. Lack of family planning also affects the health of children. The mortality rates are higher when the children are spaced too close also when there are too many children to care for.

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When the population grows exponentially various factors like housing an ever increasing population, educating the people, having healthcare in place and providing employment become greatly challenging. Family planning is a must for those countries with minimum resources so that they can decrease the growth of their populations and have enough resources for everyone. When population growth slows down the pressure on the environment also eases because the demand for finite natural resources will be on the decline.

Many may not favour family planning based on religious or moral grounds but the fact remains that it is the need of the hour to control the growth of birth so as to reduce the struggle of finding food, clothing and shelter. Population explosion will make us suffer due to lack of resources. Therefore, family planning is should be seen from a positive perspective.

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