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Long and Short Gardening Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

Gardening has lots of innate value. Although many may see it as involving hard-labor or require the task of doing things which may involve getting oneself dirtied, yet in its essence Gardening has certain elements which is unique to itself. It is great savory thought to feel, when one hears of gardening. The significance has come up lately to a great extent. There are numerous people who make it as a hobby, and rather it is a very creative thing to do as well. Out from the hustle and bustle of city life, and in the involvement of study and work in offices, gardening comes as a great way to re-energize oneself.

We can learn great amount of lessons from gardening. These lessons are not found in the books we might read. As human beings the most basic function is to tilt the soil and produce for ourselves. This comes along the way to help us remind of this basic human function. Though we might live in life of luxury, the happiness that can be gathered from gardening is untold. We hear of great personalities who take the moment to do gardening, as pleasure and to give life a newer sense of fulfillment.

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Gardening teaches us the spirit of hard-work. Lots of virtues can be inculcated, namely, the virtue of patience, which comes from having to wait like the farmer, after days of hard labor. It teaches us humility, and makes us feel realize that certain things, though we propose is not under our control. For instance, if we plant a sapling, it is neither under our control to make it into a big tree all of a sudden. The spirit of relying in the creator of all things is the virtue that one learns.

Besides, it has great physical benefits. Too often we give ourselves to work in closed rooms, and are subject to less exposure to freshness. Gardening is a great way to feel the rejuvenation into our life. It is a great way to makes ourselves healthy. Our body is constituted in a manner that it requires physical labor to certain extent, rather than engaged in mental work. It sets the mind is a sense of stability, and even boosts the spirit within, with greater productive energy.

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Thus, Gardening is the best way to re-energize our spirit and its one of the most creative hobby to give time into. Being productive gives the sense of self satisfaction and gardening provides it. Life becomes more meaningful.

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