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Generation Gap refers to the gap which is between two generations. The two generations includes the past and the other the forthcoming. All the important aspects of life and society are subjected to change. This includes the culture, the perspectives and the standard of living in the society. Generation Gap has great affect under these situations. And it affects everyone included. It is manifested in the functioning of society, the mannerism that governs man. Generation gap creates lots of clash between the past and the generation to come. There is nothing permanent as change. And this change creates a wide generation gap.

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Generation gap also changes the thought pattern of people. Those belonging to the past generation too often have different understanding of the younger generation. They often understand the impressions of the younger generation in the negative way and often level them with being rude and unmannered. In the short terminology, the entire sense of these feelings resulted in the formulation of generation gap.

If we go back the history of our development, we often see the way we have progressed from our primitive ways. The dressing habit from nakedness to fashion and the growth of civilization has all impacted the generation gap. The past generations do not try to think in the line of the present generation, as they still hold on to the things of the past. The present structure of society and the life of every individual have changed a lot. This can be highlighted is the progress in every aspects of life. The technology and the innovation of man have changed the entire shape of the society. So, thinking in the same set of thought is entirely not possible and this should be avoided.

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Unlike the past generation, the present generation is racing at a break-neck speed for money, success, fashion and technology. So there is a wide diversion in the nature the present generation has than the past generation. This makes the past generation uncomfortable and clash of thoughts arises simultaneous. The excessive craze for modernity defines the present generation of its wants from the past. And this no way finds acceptable to the past generation and gives rise to a wide generation gap.

This thing can be resolved only when the past and the present generation finds a point of agreement in the thought process. An understanding of the changes that society is undergoing will eventually fix the issues concerning man.

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