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Leadership is very well defined as, “the act of leading an organization or a group of people largely ” or, “the position or state of being a leader” or “the leader of a nation, county or an organization”. It is not the matter of giving command to the subordinates, rather leading them to the right direction with a sensitive approach. There are list of characteristic traits that make a leader. If we look into the famous leaders, namely Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi, some the most appealing elements are seen to be dominating in their art of leadership. They are above the ordinary people, and their approach to situations is constructive and leader-like. To list some of the important personality characteristics, namely:

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1. Determination: Leaders with clear vision are determined to make a difference in the society. It is oriented towards, the good of a community and the society. This is one of the guiding principles which keep a leader going, regardless of the situation one confronts. Individuals with this in their personality tend to be more focused, and wholeheartedly committed to the fulfillment of a goal.

2. Emotional Intelligence: It is observed that leaders have an immense emotional intelligence. They are able to relate with anyone in the best way. Even the most adverse of situation are dealt with increasing understanding and refined approach. Their dealing with others is wise and effective. This has greater impact into the lives of others, and able to draw others to getting the goals into achievement.

3. Transparent character: Leaders have high transparency of character. Their level of character strength is far more than the ordinary ones. They always wear the cloak of honesty, optimism and teamwork. Transparency creates better credibility.

4. Intelligence: If we look into the life of great leaders, they are very intelligent and have great learning at the back of their life. As a result they manifest, quick acquisition of knowledge and are eager learns. Ability to learn gives a great confidence to communicate with powerful message and create hope and trust in the people.

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Leadership is the process which is to influence people. Besides, the abovementioned traits, there are ample to characteristic which makes the right leader. The learning to be leader starts from now, with the change of attitude, behavior and the performance. It is not a leadership if attitude is to dominate the subordinates; rather that is the sign of dominance. Leaders are the greatest motivator for any groups, always exhorting to march towards the goal no matter how challenging it may seem.

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