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The life in a big city is associated with artificiality. Although there are many advancement in all levels of life, but this has turned the life of human being more than complex. The first and the foremost pictures which pops-up in the mind of anyone on the thought of big city, is the rush-hours. Individuals are too busy with their own preoccupations and have lesser time to stand and stare. Not being able to enjoy the little beauties of life and nature makes it just as artificial, the mechanic flow of life. When this is prevailing in the big city life, the quality of life does falls relatively low.

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When one think of securing a successful and prosperous life, big city offers everyone the opportunity to reach that goal. With ample number of infrastructure and developments, the ability to rise economically in life is easier. There are very many opportunities to work and sustain the life in the big city. Students find great number of well established institutions which foster the growth of knowledge and wisdom. That is why- we see the growth of population in big cities rising high. Education of qualitative nature is found in the big cities.

Big cities takes along with it great development and becomes the economic hub of the nation. However, when one considers the quality of life in terms of the environment, it is disheartening. Pollution is associated with big cities, with the increasing use of vehicles and fuel engines. Much more, industries release huge amount of harmful gases from their production and, makes the air not conducive to breath at all. This naturally breeds epidemic and ailments which have not cure.

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Despite these disadvantages to the health, there is great number of benefits you can obtain from big city life. One does not require much effort to locate things, as they are easily available, and with great facilities. The connectivity is an important aspect in the big city life. The services are very well arranged and making it suitable for others to avail them. There are transport facilities, health facilities and recreational facilities etc.

Big city life is filled with great attractions. The latest of fashions are found to be in existence. It is the birth place fashion and technological innovations, and flows gradually to other parts of the society.

The life is big city is congested and often crowed. The openness which exists in the village life is not found in the city life. However, the best of big city life is that, there is well implementation of law and order.

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