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The major portion of Indian village is agrarian. There are numerous elements of simplicity in the life of an Indian Village. On an overview of any village, it is associated with having a calmer and fresh life, Indian village has this element deeply entrenched. The simplicity comes from the fact of being depending mostly on agriculture, and not having to depend on the sophistication which is the ideal of a city life. The life in an Indian village is beautiful, with the fine mingling of peaceful and contentment. The modern development does not much bother the life, and to a larger extent, the dwellers in the village live a life of happiness. This however is not the ideal found in the city life, where the quest for power and possession creates the senses of discontentment and insecurity.

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Life in an Indian village is one of authenticity and honest. Take for example, when the properties lie open, but there is no incident which registered for the missing of them. On the contrary, in the city property that is loose open are often under the claim of dishonest people. There is respect in the goods of the others, and everyone knows what material belongs to whom. The system of justice meted out in favor of the victim is one interesting feature which calls for the highlight in the Indian village. The trespasser is produced before the entire village community and in the eyes of the villagers the right punishment is given. There is lot of transparency in the life of Indian Village.

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Too often, the life of simplicity is taken advantage, and the simple folk do not raise their voices. They are denied of the basic requirements from the organizations, although agriculture gives a sense of self-sufficiency. Despite, the prevalence of these entities in the Indian Village, yet there is much of illiteracy in the Indian village. And this to a larger extent has been the cause of some disheartening superstitious, which is deeply entrenched in the life of Indian village. Lack of proper education, although has the simplicity, yet it creates ignorance of the basic health care and sanitation. Many fall the victims of superstitious believes and ill-prescription of health.

To a deeper level, the life in an Indian village is much organized. They are not influenced with the abnormal hours of work, which is the order in city life. With the setting of the sun, they go to bed and rise up with the rising of the sun. This creates much healthy living condition and they remain healthy, strong and mentally sound.

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