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Perfect Long and Short Essay on Life for School and Colleges’s Students

Life is the biggest and most wonderful thing the creator has given to into the world. Just imagine how delicate it is. None of us have to capacity to give life, although procreation is considered one. But life in its essence is the possibility of the creator himself. Biologically, life can be understood as those functions which have the capacity for movement, reproduction, growth, nutrition etc. It is defined as an organism with a function. The thought of life itself is the greatest enigma, which exist in the world. It cannot be comprehended with our limited thought extension.

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We have just one life to live. And the way we conduct ourselves is going to be just once and cannot be reversed again. There are endless beautiful descriptions to life, but life is remarkably beautiful if we want to make it so. We often hear, “Life is not a bed of roses”. Undoubtedly, there are lots of problems which may come up, but all these are designed to make the living a worthwhile. What does not kill necessarily makes us stronger and bolder. The challenges, which are part and parcel of life can often be very shattering, but it does not come on our way as a burden that is too heavy to bear. The giver of life does not give a challenge in life, which is not within our capacity to bear. We are always assisted with help. Problems in life make the living filled with intensity for fulfilling life.

Life is a constant celebration of good things. Too often just the change of attitude is required to make it more meaningful and acceptable. The way we look at life, is the way we live our life. Many get disillusioned with life, and turn themselves as victim of despair, which comes from a negative attitude to life. Take care of what you think in life, for they become action. Those who are positive in their perspective of life, make every single moment as an occasion of celebration. It helps to live a life of great satisfaction and contentment. The happiness of life consists in this.

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In conclusion, as life is the priceless gift from the creator, we should live it in such a way that what we become of it will be the gift we can offer to the creator. Every moment of life is important. The adversities in life makes us realize the frail nature of human beings, and our resignation to the given in humble reverence.

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