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The strong belief that has existed from long since, that, the only planet where life exits is earth. But, scientist and astronomers with the advancement of technology have managed to explore and found that there is life possible in Mars. This is the progress of mankind. Many attempts are made to send the presence of man into this planet. This has been one of the most exciting discoveries of man. Scientist has attempted to study the elements existing in this planet. This fascination to find the possibility of life on Mars has bothered the world for a long time.

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Mars is the fourth planet in the solar system. The world is driven with this new revelation about the Planet. But there are many questions that come to the mind of the people. Is the life in the planet as secured as the life on earth? Will it not hamper the genetics of man in the long-run? Is it really suitable to live in the Mars? How is the life in Mars going to be? How different is the life on Mars, in comparison to the life on Earth? Is it really safe and suitable to live in Mars?

These are some of the questions that require a satisfactory answer. Mars is also called the red planet. Just imagine a day in Mars! I would be cautious to move around this red planet, and what if the produce of the land turned out to be just as the red soil? Fascinating isn’t? I imagine over the time, as man try to find a way to live there in this planet, the people would eventually turn red as the planet. Perhaps, there would be the flow of the redness of the planet into the growth affectivity of man.

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It gives me a thrill and a shiver, when I think of the life in Mars. I know it’s not going to be as good as the life on earth. The conditions of life and the elements will deter the enjoyment of the people. The merriment found in the earth will have more nostalgic value when in Mars. But, I guess so, man are the greatest adaptors of climate and circumstances. With a prolonged stay in Mars, man will have the capacity to adjust with the growing demands of the planet.

I love the idea of going for a trip to Mars, out in the space of this earth into the celestial heavens. But would it be worth to get to Mars? The good news is that there is a possibility of life in Mars.

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