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Long and Short Man Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

The word “man”, which is derived from Proto-indo European root, in its quintessence means ‘adult male’. Although this is the default meaning on the word, yet is used to signify a person of unspecified gender at a broader extent. It is inclusive of female, the other better-half of man. The word has etymological root to one of the mythological progenitor, who hailed from the Germanic tribes, called “Mannus”. The Indo-European mythology suggests that he was the first man, which has certain semblance in the word ‘manu’ found in Hinduism. Thus man signifies the male man, in the context of the root word and its mythological significance.

Man is the reservoir of knowledge and is the greatest of creation made by God. Although lots of theories demonstrate on the creation of man differently, yet in the core of all these, there is an underlying principles that, a being who is superior in all aspects made man. And this we call God. If we look at an individual man, we would break forth in these famous lines, “O what creation is man!” Yes, indeed man is the most wonderful creation the creator had thought about and here we are.

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Man is bestowed with the responsibility to take care of the earth, the place where life exists. This is the ultimate dominance of the sky, the creatures that exists and subdue the creatures that live in the waters. How great and wonderful is man. Besides these innate responsibilities, Man is even filled with the unique spirit of innovation which the other creatures of the universes do not possess. Millions of years have passed, but man has still made from generation to generation. At every stage man is never left any stone unturned to leave the legacy behind.

The vigor and dedication of man has made them achieve anything man dreamt of. We can see for your-self, progress man have made in all the aspects of life. Man has conquered the earth with dominance of the creatures, and the curiosity has even take man to other spaces of the universe. This is one of the most remarkable successes and it was indeed a giant leap for mankind.

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The greatest gift given to man is the ability to procreate and leave offspring. Although man is beset with life and eventually death, yet man has always been the eye of the creator in the earth. The fact of procreation is unthinkable to the mind of man.

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