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Long and Short Man vs Machine Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

As civilization and scientific advancements progressed, man has evolved with many distinctive and capable inventions. The computers and machines have begun to manage and replace the necessary functions earlier performed by man. We’ve grown up very captivated with computing. However, it is widely believed that computing cannot replace human intelligence, a man is the creator of machines.

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The human brain will work perpetually and additional with efficiency build and make use of one thing sagely. Men are capable of learning, grasping, understanding the concept of varied things. Humans are curious to get and build new things. We are multi-talented whereas machines don’t seem to be. Computer is additionally created by human brains and their functions area unit restricted.

Machines are superior to man when it comes to speed and accuracy. Calculators, for instance, work additional accurately and chop-chop than human brains to form calculations. Human brain programs the functioning of any quite machine. Human brains develop naturally by observant, experimenting, learning and discovering, however, the development in machinery is feasible only if its mechanical brain is fed by humans. Also, there’s no emotional intelligence in machines. Emotions play a significant role in developing the human brain.

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Artificial intelligence not solely save a heap of your time and energy however is additionally a medium of diversion for man. Nowadays a man cannot imagine his life while not sensible phones, laptops, music systems, television sets, laundry machines, and different such types of equipment. Humans and machines don’t seem to be competitors, however, humans collaborate with machines for additional productivity, speed and accuracy. From communication to motion, everything has become straightforward and speedy. Man seeks to facilitate the machines for all the activities he will. There are myriad uses of machines. Machines are answerable for speedy development within the gift day world.

Humans have evolved and reworked to a fault since stone-age once a man had to figure onerous for his basic wants. This can be the age of science and technology. Man and machines work effectively and accurately along. Man is that the creator and operator of machines and on the opposite hand man is additionally extremely captivated with machines in his day to day life. Most of our day to day activities area unit performed with the assistance of machines. This saves loads of energy and time.

However, we tend to forget that machines are a creation of man. So, sure enough, man is superior to machines. He has become incapacitated in an exceedingly means as physically he has subsided active and depends on machines. A man could be a greedy animal who needs more and more. Although machines have created the lifetime of man straightforward, he has no time and patience to attain a peaceful life. Thus, the capability of machines is restricted whereas humans are forever experimenting, creating, inventing and discovering more and more.

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