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Perfect Long and Short Essay on Money for School and Colleges’s Students

Money is the creative invention of man. If we trace back to the human civilization, it is evident that, the wants of human beings were very limited and life was just simple. Gradually, when the need to exchange goods came, ‘Barter System’ came into place. This is defined as exchange of commodity for commodity. It was just the direct exchange of goods for goods. With the passage of time and the growing needs of time, as well as the need for better exchange, there came the growth of civilization, which we read in history today. In short, the wants of human beings multiplied remarkably.

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Human beings realized the deficiency involved in the exchange of goods for goods. It was neither possible to maintain self-sufficiency in the multiplied wants nor able to meet the demands with Barter system. It was thus imperative for man, to establish a medium of exchange, which was based on standards and make up for the deficiency observed in Barter system. Thus, the creation of Money came into being.

We are accustomed to hear this famous one liner, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Money is the outcome of this necessity. The significance of Money has risen considerably, overshadowing all the important aspects of life, namely consumption, production, distribution, exchange and also public finance. More so, money is even associated with obtaining happiness in life. Now, it is the most basic requirement to establish a healthy life, and obtain the security required for our loved ones. However, there is a diversion with love or affection and money. Both this have no frame of comparison. Money does not have the capacity to satisfy, what love can do; likewise love cannot do what Money can.

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In the present day money is associated with healthy life. The inconvenient truth is that, one can buy health, if you have the right amount of Money. Much more, life without money in the contemporary situation cannot be satisfied, nor can one think of life without it. Take for example- the food we eat needs money to be bought, the clothes we wear are bought with money, the recreation we have, schooling, books and travel etc. all require money. All small objects that surround us are the product of money.

Thus we can see the change of civilization and Money has brought great progress and development in the entire nation. The nation is empowered by the amount of money it has. Greater the possession of money, greater is the ascendancy it has. But Money cannot buy all the happiness man wants.

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