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Perfect Long and Short Essay on Music for School and Colleges’s Students

Music is considered as the voice of the soul. It flows from inspiration and touches the heart in the most unique way. Ever since mankind has realized the healing power of Music, there is a great progress in the types of Music. There are great pieces of Music for all occasions, and it perfectly tells the feelings of the heart in the most remarkable way.

Music is a magic, which simple worlds cannot express. Although it is the arrangement of some pleasing sounds together, it has great therapeutic value. It has a universal language, which sends soothing impulses into the body and creates rhythms of liveliness. The way Music calms the stress is the most astonishing element of all.

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If we trail back into history, Music was associated only with the Royal blood. They would hold competitions and this increased the popularity of music. How fortunate we are to be the beneficiaries of this royal lineage. This is not limited to singing; there are several instruments, which deliver the melodious notes when played with right combination of notes. In the field of Music history remarkable personalities who have left an indelible mark, namely the compositions of Beethoven and Mozart. The world of music still adorns their ingenious symphonies and musical notes. They are credited for being the greatest compositions of all times.

Music over the time has been under the influence of technological innovations and it has become the most dynamic of all. In the present times Music has touched a hallmark into the life of individual and society at large. This is because, the language of music is at the heart of everyone, and is, understandable by everyone irrespective of age.

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Music inspires the heart of man. It is the fountain of virtues in man. It is rather amazing to know, how music can even tame the wildest of beast. Music creates the right mood to experience the priceless harmony and happiness which is higher than the ordinary. Now music is inseparable part of human life. It helps to make the journey inward, and there is nothing as beautiful as music. Music connects our being from the ordinary to the spiritual realm, which we are made for and must one day belong.

Music is the greatest boon into the creative creation of God. It helps to wash-away the daily dusts from our life, and makes the life lofty time to live on. The experience obtained by the aid of music is inexpressible by simple words; it has to be felt to be told.

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