English – My Favorite Teacher Essay for Students and Children

My Favorite Teacher – I have a most loved Teachers in my school. We as a whole have some unique Teachers in our lives who have better commitments. They support us quite well. What’s more, today I will discuss my cherished educator here.

My Favorite Teacher

Mr. Sunil is my beloved educator. He is 40 years of age and he lives close to the school grounds. He is our class educator and shows us Math. I was extremely scared of this subject. Yet, after his educational cost, I am excellent at Math now.

I can take care of the relative multitude of issues. His showing technique is extremely novel and unique. All level understudies can see each and every Math issue when he clarifies. I had so many Math ideas and presently I am clear with regards to them with his assistance.

Whatever he shows me, I can recall the example without any problem. It has been conceivable as a result of his successful instructing strategy. We made a splendid outcome in Math in the last school test. He is exceptionally content with our improvement.

He used to instruct history to around 900 understudies in our school, and everyone appeared to adore his method of educating.

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Qualities of My Favorite Teacher

He has every one of the characteristics that a decent educator ought to have. He is extremely timely and he recommends we become dependable. He prefers the understudies who are ordinary in the class. He never misses any class. Whatever occurs, he will go to the class.

He is amicable and his comical inclination is so acceptable. He is known as a result of his great educating abilities. He never gives a lot of schoolwork or tasks to us. He comprehends the breaking point and that is the manner by which he gives the tasks.

The main piece of his person is accommodation. He helps the frail understudies and gives them time even after the class. There are numerous understudies who take educational cost from him free of charge. He generally motivates us to concentrate more and get passing marks.

He advances extracurricular exercises as well. There are such countless occasions that we celebrate in the school and he is additionally driving this load of occasions from the front. He is a decent speaker and that is the reason he fills in as a host or moderator of these capacities.

Planting is his most loved interest. He has a nursery before his home. He is assisting us with making a nursery in the school as well. He has given us a total arrangement for the nursery. Every one of the understudies are dealing with this task.

He is our chief. We have brought many blossom plants. He is a decent athlete as well. He goes along with us in the field now and again. He shows us how to play better cricket. In his time, he was a decent cricketer.

His batting ability is as yet stunning. He can bat quite well. Counting this load of things, he adores perusing books in his relaxation time. Also, he prescribes books to peruse.


That is about my cherished educator. He is the main individual in my life. He has such countless great and positive commitments to my life.

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