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Long and Short National Integration Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

National Integration is the feeling of oneness and unity. It is the sense of togetherness or oneness towards one’s own country irrespective of numerous differences with regard to religion, region, race, culture or caste. India is a country with multi-racial and multilingual backgrounds. These diversities and multiplicity are the features of India. India is ‘Unity in Diversity‘. There were so many foreign invasions and conquests from time to time, but they could not crush the spirit of unity in diversity.

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In ancient times, India was divided into many small Kingdoms and the kings of these Kingdoms were often engaged in fighting with each other for political and economic power. But there was never the issue of religion for their fights and wars. In the last century when British was ruling over India and the Indian people began their movements against the British for the freedom of their motherland the British tried to disturb the national integration of our country by applying the ‘divide and rule’ policy to suppress the movement. In order to pursue their policy, they began to show their favour alternatively to this community or that. In this way, they had sown the seeds of communalism, misunderstanding, and jealousy in the minds of the people.

In India, we have people from various races with different colours, different castes, and different cultures. But when national integration is threatened, the entire country joins hand for the welfare of the country. The people stand by one another in times of difficulties like when one part of the country is affected by disaster the entire country is ready to lend a helping hand.

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There should not be any discrimination in various public transportations, in various birthday parties, weddings, and political rallies and at other places. All the people from all castes and tribes should enjoy their time with each other. However, there are always a few threats to national unity because of some immature people who try to prove themselves superior to others. If some are mistreated they will begin their demand for a division of the territory on the basis of language and religion.

There is a great need to take measures in order to preserve the national integrity of our country. The feeling of oneness and equality among all the citizen is important for the overall stability and growth of our country. All should join hands and strive to maintain the national integration. When there is a feeling of oneness the country will prosper in every aspect and the people will be able to live at peace.

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